Here are a few of the stories we have told…

DR. Aimee, Fertility Specialist and founder of Freezeandshare.com

Rachel was the Executive Producer and Creative Director for the launch of Dr. Aimee’s Freeze and Share program, which gives young women who can’t afford egg freezing, or whose company doesn’t cover it on their health insurance plan, the opportunity to freeze their eggs in exchange for donating half. Rachel assembled a team that included a videographer, photographer and developer. She wrote all the website copy and produced four video stories. Dr. Aimee also sponsored an editor of The ART and Science of Family, Rachel’s newsletter that covers the leading-edge stories and scientific research on modern family planning.

Client: Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh.

See Freezeandshare.com


Rachel and David worked with Dr. Dean Ornish and Anne Ornish, Director of the Ornish Digital Platform, to initiate a content strategy for the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program. The Ornish’s contracted StoryMade, and Rachel currently acts as their Editorial Director for Ornish Living, a digital magazines that she and the Ornish team conceived and produced,  as well directing overall social strategy for the Ornish brand and the narrative structure and content across the brand.

Client: Ornish Lifestyle Medicine

See the Ornish Living website

Ted Books

“Rachel Lehmann-Haupt is a brilliant and innovative producer and media strategist. We worked together on the challenging project of turning my film, Brain Power, into one of the first multimedia books based on a film for TED Books. She was a sensitive and attentive editor, and when it came to putting all the pieces of the project together, she kept all the balls in the air. This was a critical ingredient to the book’s success and most importantly, I loved working with her.”

– Tiffany Shlain, author, filmmaker and founder, The Webby Awards

As a founding editor Rachel worked with a multi-talented team of editors and multimedia producers to launch TED Books, an imprint of short nonfiction works designed for digital distribution. Duties included: book acquisitions, editing, multimedia production, high level project management, working with authors, art director, and a publicity team.

A sample of titles acquired, edited and produced:


See more at TED BOOKS.



Kelp Forests is a multimedia book about the California Kelp Forests, designed and written for children in the 4th and 5th grades, with original photography Kip Evans. David created all the graphic design and game design, including two custom games, a kelp forest ecosystem simulation and a food web game. In addition, this is the first book to use an overlay book, a client-editable book of the kelp forest species.

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Bridge Housing

“Rachel Lehmann-Haupt offers a great perspective on how an organization can best tell its story whether through words, photos, videos, or audio. For BRIDGE, she skillfully executive produced a short video that showcased our work to potential funders and development partners. Rachel quickly understood our needs, and I was impressed by her clear communication style and high-quality results.” -Lyn Hikida, Director of Communications and Media, Bridge Housing Corporation.

Rachel worked with Bridge Housing, an esteemed non-profit organization that develops low-income housing and services that give their residents more opportunities to increase their education, build skills for better jobs, and plan for homeownership. She executive produced a short video that tells the story of the organization’s success in building two new communities in San Diego. The video was part of a resign of the website Bridgetown, which was unveiled at Bridge’s 30th Anniversary Gala. She hired a videographer and editor, and worked with him from filming to final editing.

A Flight of the Imagination: A history of the Golden Gate Bridge


David directed the information architecture, developed the structure design, managed the graphic production, and coded the software for this interactive multimedia app for the California Historical Society. It extends the reach of it’s exhibition and makes over 350 historic objects, as well as dozens of photographs and other ephemera from the collection available to the reader. Highlights include photographs by Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange, paintings by Maynard Dixon, Ray Strong, and Chesley Bonestell, and architectural drawings by the two architects who worked on the bridge design. Also included is an opening music selection from composer Rob Kapilow’s “Chrysopylae,” A Golden Gate Opus, written with contributions from sound designer Fred Newman.

Client: Sol Editions and Wild Blue Studios for The California Historical Society.

Russian California: Stories from Fort Ross


David directed the information architecture, developed the structure design, managed the graphic production, and coded the software for this interactive app to bring the adventures of California’s earliest explorers to life. Read about the wealthy Russian count who romanced the beautiful daughter of the Spanish Presidio commander, but died en route to Moscow before he could claim his bride. There’s also the story of the serf who rose to power as a leader of sea-faring hunters, who narrowly escaped being murdered after a shipwreck on the Olympic Peninsula. You’ll hear the tale of a Russian deserter who helped lead the Chumash Indian revolt in Santa Barbara, along with the story of St. Peter the Aleut, an Alaskan native hunter who was tortured and killed by a Spanish priest for refusing to renounce his adopted Russian Orthodox faith. You’ll also hear the true voices of Californian and Alaskan natives whose skill and courage were critical to the survival of these early Russian settlers.

Client: Sol Editions and Wild Blue Studios for the California State Parks Foundation.

The Innocence Project: Antoine Goff

David shot, recorded, and edited a video that tells the story of Antoine Goff, an innocent man sent to prison for 11 years, using still photography and voice-over for the Northern California Innocence Project.

Client: Northern California Innocence Project


David worked with the Bulleit Group public relations firm to design and develop their brochure website. We emphasized a clear and simple look while ensuring the website would be easy to update and maintain.

Client: The Bulleit Group

See the Bulleit Group website