The StoryMade Process

Phase One: Discovery

In order to reveal your company’s story, the StoryMade process begins with one or a series of discovery sessions. These are interviews that will reveal and analyze your content goals. In these interviews, we will gather all the information needed for Phase Two, which will be the creation of a vision and a strategy for your company’s content. At the end of the Phase One, you will have clear answers to vital questions that will inform the structure, formats, and voice of your content.

The discovery phase will explore:

The Business Objective

  • Who are your customers and why are they buying your product or using your service?
  • What is your business trying to achieve?
  • What do your users want and need from your content?
  • How will we measure the success of your content? 

The Brand Strategy

  • What are the values, attributes, voice and tone of your company?
  • How will your brand look visually?

The Audit

  • What kind content already exists and how can it be integrated into the new strategy?
  • If a website already exists, this phase will also include a detailed spreadsheet of existing content.
  • What can we do with our available time, talent, and budget resources?

The Editorial Strategy

Your brand’s voice and tone is directly linked to your editorial strategy.

  • What is the best content to create in order to meet your business objective and brand strategy?
  • What is the competition doing?
  • What are the best formats to use to differentiate your product/service from the competition?
  • Who are you customers’ key influencers and how can the content reflect that?
  • What are important legal policies and standards that affect your content’s voice and presentation
  • What are the best and most relevant social media options that best fit your strategy? How much time and what kind of manpower do you have to have to devote to this?

Phase Two: Strategy

StoryMade will synthesize all the information gleaned from the discovery phase and write a detailed vision document that will outline the creative vision for the content plan and the road map for how to get there.

It will include a detailed summary of:

  • Budget/Timeline
  • Company Objective
  • Brand Strategy
  • Editorial Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Needed Content Management Systems
  • Formats
  • Preliminary Information Architecture/Site Map
  • Sample page templates
  • Team needed to complete project
  • Policies/legal/Standards

Phase Three: Creation

To include:

  • Creating a detailed editorial calendar that will include dates and deliverables of key milestones.
  • Working with lead designer/IA, web writers, etc., in the product build.
  • Creating a detailed Style Manual
  • Creating detailed instructions for site maintenance and governance post production and launch.