Who We Are

Our team started with two adventurous journalists. Rachel has traveled the world uncovering stories that explain what drives the cultural zeitgeist. David has worked as a photographer to document the atrocities of war and as a graphic designer and technologist who makes stories look beautiful.

We are both driven by finding the truth of a story.  Now we want to make stories for you.

Creative Director

Rachel is a highly organized, creative, and adventurous author, editor and media strategist. Her areas of expertise are health, science and gender politics with a particular emphasis on writing that humanizes science and technology.

As a media strategist and editorial director, she works with teams of writers, editors and designers to manage the creative process and editing of all elements of a media product.  She has been a strategic advisor for technology start-ups, media properties, and non-profits including TED, where she was a founding editor of TED Books, Dwell MagazineWired Magazine, BabyCenter.com, Code for America, Bridge Housing, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine and Neo.Life.

She edited the internationally best selling book The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine. (Now a Major Motion Picture.) She has written for The New York Times, The New York Observer, Newsweek, New York, VogueOutside and Wired. She is the author of the memoir In Her Own Sweet Time: Unexpected Adventures in Finding Love, Commitment and Motherhood (Basic Books, 2009). She graduated with honors in English Literature from Kenyon College and received a Masters in Journalism from The Graduate School of Journalism at The University of California at Berkeley. While at UC Berkeley she was an assistant editor to Clay Felker, the founder of New York magazine at The Felker Magazine Center. She also founded and produced Lit Quake’s first literary festival atop Sausalito’s world-renowned houseboat community, Words on the Waves.

Contact: rachel@storymadestudio.com


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachel Lehmann-Haupt and her StoryMade Studio for over three years. Rachel collaborated with us to design and produce our digital magazine Ornish Living, which helps to support Ornish Lifestyle Medicine patients and share our work with the world.

She built the editorial process from the ground up and now acts as the company’s Editorial Director. Rachel’s family history with words and her talents with language make her a top-notch producer of any media product.”  — Dr. Dean Ornish, Medical Director of Ornish Lifestyle Medicine.


“During my tenure as Managing Editor of MSN Money, I asked Rachel Lehmann-Haupt to create a series of multimedia projects focused on luxury spending. The idea was to research and write a first-class textual explanation while also planning and appearing in video segments that would help illustrate the text and supporting interactive graphics. Whew.

Rachel turned out to be brilliant at the entire gamut of responsibilities involved. Her writing just fizzes with the enjoyment of life and the video was the same, just brilliantly honest and true and pure fun whenever the opportunity was there. The whole deal was a huge success for everyone.” – Art Lenehan, User Experience Lead, Kinnective

Video Content Director 

Craig Hickerson is a San Francisco Bay Area filmmaker and lover of stories that stir the spirit. Beginning his career in documentary film in 2006 Craig worked at the award-winning production company Actual Films and since has been credited in documentaries featured at festivals such as Sundance and Toronto International and projects televised on outlets such as the National Geographic Channel and PBS. 

Craig’s experience both in the field and the editing room has given him a unique and rounded perspective on how to approach and complete a project. From filming stories of refugees in Egypt during the Arab Spring to food growers in Greenland’s frigid climate Craig is determined to capture the uniquely human moments essential for telling a compelling story on screen. 

Craig completed his master’s degree at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. View Craig’s work at craighickerson.com.

Technology Director

David Gross is a polymath, an all-around creative with real-world business experience in design, writing, software development, management, and photography since 1983. His career began at Electronic Arts, freelancing for a project under Guy Kawasaki (who advised the 16-year-old to “go to college”). He has been a multimedia developer and creator since, well, before Photoshop. He currently creates bookish, multimedia apps on the iPad for such clients as the Monterey Bay Aquarium, The California Historical Society, the War Diaries Project, and others. You’ll find links to most of these book apps at David’s software site, www.mimetic.com.

In the realm of design (graphic, web, UX, UI), the easiest thing to say is that he has had a lot of very interesting experiences. David made cash in college in the new industry of desktop publishing — remember that? In 1991, he left for Prague, Czech Republic, and started a high-end graphic design firm that serviced international advertising and P.R. companies. When he returned to California in 1997, he found himself hired as AOL.com’s first art director. He still designs on all his projects.

Finally, David is also a journalist and award-winning photographer with fourteen years of experience covering stories from Kosovo to California. He has a masters degree in journalism from U.C. Berkeley, and his work as a photojournalist won a World Press Photo award in 2003. He has published in many major European and American magazines and newspapers.  You can see some of his work here: www.davidgrossphoto.com.